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About Us

Founded in 1994 by the name P.S.R.Computers with the objective and purpose to involve Information Technology into educational institutions, companies and firms by developing customized software solutions to automate their day-to-day routine and regular administrative jobs.

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The company is headed by Sunil P.S. (Chief Executive) who has been in the Software industry since 1990. Having worked in various companies in the start on different project, P.S.R.Computers was established in 1994 when it was identified that there is a shortage of software products in administration department of educational institutions. After identifying the requirements, P.S.R.Computers launched its generalised & flagship products to track various issues being faced by administration department namely Student Fee Tracking System (FeeSoft), Staff Salary & Payroll Management (PaySoft) in the initial years of founding. Subsequently new products were introduced as and when requirements were requested by clients, the details of which you can find in the products page..

P.S.R.Computers has people in its forum who have been in this industry since its inception, based on whom new products have been developed & delivered as per customized requirement of clients. Further to augument our vision, we provide technical support, service & training to staff of our clients from the people who have developed the software, making us the pioneer in this industry in this area.

P.S.R.Computers also develops specific requirement based software using the latest & the best development tools available. Since its inception, the company has developed & maintained solutions to provide technology to the client whose software are pre-defined according to the standard set by the industry.

P.S.R.Computers maintains that the data is the sole property of the client becoz of which the software is licensed to the client for use & the data is stored & maintained at client location, not at any of our servers or cloud computing locations. However, if the client so wishes to have such requirements, the company has tie-ups with relevant partners who provide such hosting services.

Software Development is one department which is consistently involved in developing, updating & implementing software according to the needs and as per the change in specifications of different departments in administration section of educational institution. Some of the PREMIUM SOFTWARE on offer & which is being widely used in different institutions namely