(Customized Software Specialist for Educational Institutes)
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Why Choose Us

P.S.R.Computers has been in fore-front to provide the benefits of information technology to its clients in solving day-to-day working issues with an endeavor to constantly upgrade & update the requirements. The software in operation at our various client sites itself is the proof of the kind of service & support we have been providing since 1994. Our efforts shows from the list of our esteemed clientele we have been able to increase on regular basis. Our reputation in providing & fulfilling any requirement from client site has been our forte. After Sales services has been the highlight of our growth, the thing which our clients will vouch for.

As you can see, with the kind of diversification the company is working, we have the confidence to provide informatics solutions at the touch of button in near future. The company is planning to open offices at various cities so that our approach of NO-HOLDS-BARRED-SERVICE is available to each and every client of ours, no matter how remotely the client is located.